Safe Skies

SAFESKIES provides aviation services for commercial, charter and private aircraft operators. Our experienced team can review and write operation manuals, provide crew member security training, CHRC fingerprinting and compliance checks.

49 CFR § 1544.215 – Ground Security Coordinators

Our professional, TSA approved GSC training course is available for your airline or aviation related service company. We offer Initial GSC and recurrent GSC Classes, at our training facility in Miami or your location – anywhere in the World.

Common Strategy Training

SAFEsky Common Strategy Training meets the requirements for flight crew security training.

The Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and tasked the Administrator of TSA to work with the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration on security actions that may affect safety and aircraft operations. Common Strategy Training for Flight and inflight crews was developed and implemented. SAFEsky provides initial and recurrent common strategy training for flight crews at our location or yours.