We Care About People

Caring about our clients is not just a slogan but a commitment to protect the safety of aviation personnel, passengers, and providers.

Customizable solutions for individuals and businesses

We deliver extraordinary and friendly service to every client. We are independent, minority owned and operated as a Florida Certified Business Enterprise.

Confidential, Secure, Experienced

Since 2006, SAFEsky has provided peace of mind for airline operators and aviation companies who needed confidential security services. We provide TSA-approved Crew Security training programs.



Secure Skies

SAFEsky, in cooperation with a leading German Software Company, is developing an application to identify potential trafficking victims before they board an airplane. The data will provide airline staff with information that may save someone from a life of slavery.

Accurate Fingerprinting

Fingerprints vary from person to person (even identical twins have different prints) and they do not change over time. As a result, fingerprinting is an effective way of identifying individuals for employment, government licenses and immigration issues. SAFEsky offers ink and live scan fingerprinting.


We have an experienced staff of Aviation professionals that can assist with starting an airline/cargo operation, rewrite manuals, conduct aviation security training, ensure compliance with Federal, State and local regulations.

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