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We provide outstanding, quality products, using the latest technology, and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers. Integrated with our tracking and advanced Analytics software, you will see reduced costs, improved efficiency and prepare you to respond to operational emergencies.

Customizable solutions for individuals and businesses

SAFEsky delivers extraordinary service to every client, from the individual we may meet only once to the corporate client who has been with us for years. We are a full service provider, independently operated as a Florida Certified Business Enterprise - Minority owned, United States company.

Confidential, Secure, Experience.

At SAFEsky, we prepare organizations for the future. We provide technology and services that offer peace of mind for employees, staff and guests. Your Investment will ensure a safe and secure environment using robust ID and access control technology.




Our secure credentials allow you to enroll biometrics (face, iris, voice, fingerprints) as well as biographical and custom data. We offer a multi-layered approach and customizable systems that can be expanded as your business needs grow.


Fingerprints vary from person to person (even identical twins have different prints) and they do not change over time. As a result, fingerprinting is an effective way of identifying individuals for employment, government licenses and immigration issues. SAFEsky offers ink and live scan fingerprinting.


We have an experienced staff of Aviation professionals that can assist with starting an airline/cargo operation, rewrite manuals, conduct aviation security training, ensure compliance with Federal, State and local regulations.

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