Authorized Florida Department of Law Enforcement Fingerprint Collector

SAFEsky offers State of Florida Live Scan services to individuals from anywhere in the world who are seeking a professional license or Florida level 1 or 2 background check. Many applicants receive an update on their application within 3-5 business days after we electronically submit your fingerprints.

Fingerprinting for individuals who are visiting or reside Inside the State of Florida
All services by appointment, same day appointments welcome.

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Are you Out of State?

Fingerprinting for individuals who are not in the State Florida
Do you reside outside the State of Florida and you are applying for a Florida Medical or Professional License? You do not have to fly to Florida, Safe Sky will help you complete the process quickly, easily and inexpensively.
Please read all the guidelines below to ensure compliance with the Florida State Guidelines.

Step 1

Complete the SAFEsky Client registration form.
Be sure to print clearly so we read your email and phone number if we have any questions.

Step 2

Find an approved Fingerprint collector in your area.
Many local law enforcement offices and private entities offer fingerprinting services. If you need assistance locating an approved collector in your area, please email us your address.

Take the Safe Sky form, a large envelope (legal size, Fedex, UPS, USPS) and your valid government issued photo identification to the fingerprint collector.

You will be fingerprinted by the local Law Enforcement or certified Fingerprint agency on 2 (two) FD-258 FBI fingerprint cards using black ink. All demographic information on the cards must be completed using black ink. (If you do not have two FD-258 fingerprint cards, you may print 2 copies from, use plain white paper.

The fingerprint cards, along with a completed Safe Sky Client Registration form, are then sealed in the envelope. (Do not bend or crease fingerprint cards)

Step 3

Ship Completed Fingerprint Cards to Safe Sky Florida Office.
Please FedEx or send by USPS Tracking the completed cards, a copy of your government ID and, for medical applicants, include 1 passport photo.

Do not send fingerprints by regular USPS Mail for your protection.

Safe Sky, Inc.
#1 East Broward Boulevard
Suite 700
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

We recommend using a service that provides a tracking number whens sending your personal information to ensure delivery confirmation.

Step 4

Paying for Safe Sky Services and Florida State Fee.

You may send a check in the envelope payable to Safe Sky, Inc. or pay securely on line here with your credit card.

Prices are shown on attached link.

Safe Sky is not responsible for fingerprints rejected due an incorrect ORI (Originating Agency Identification), and/or poor quality. Please verify the ORI before you mail the cards.

Safe Sky will review the quality of prints before submission and contact you if there are any concerns.

Step 5

Your fingerprints will be submitted for processing on the day they are received.

You will receive an email confirmation from Safe Sky with your TCN (Transmission Confirmation Number.) You should expect to receive license approval and/or an update on your application within 10 business days of the fingerprint submission.

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